Residents of Camelot House and Lodge entered the spirit of the VE Day anniversary celebrations and thoroughly enjoyed reminiscing about that emotional day.

With the assistance of members of the activities team, they made war helmets which they happily tossed into the air after watching a recording of Winston Churchill announcing the end of the war in Europe.

A VE day quiz with pictures of street parties proved a great conversation-starter, with residents recalling how big the parties were, and how much fun. The quiz also featured the lyrics to Vera Lynn’s There’ll Always Be an England, Churchill’s famous quotes, and an observation round for which residents simply had to identify what they could see in the pictures of VE day celebrations.

Everyone waved union Jack flags, wore British hats, popped party poppers and cheered in a toast.

A delicious true British buffet featured sausage rolls, scones, a selection of tea cakes, potato crisps, chocolate éclairs, strawberries and a selection of classic sandwiches including corn beef, cheese and pickle, egg and mayo and tuna. All washed down with tea – obviously.

The two-minute silence was observed as appropriate for each resident, and for those who were in their bedrooms a separate two-minute silence was observed for each resident who wanted to.