Dreams are coming true for residents at a specialist dementia care home who are being supported by staff to revisit favourite activities they thought they were no longer able to do.

Ideas for entries for a wish-list entitled ‘If only I could’ have been put forward by staff members after individual chats with the people they support.

Sarah McCaffrey, deputy manager at Butterfly Lodge, said: “It takes a bit of determination when you’re talking to someone with dementia but it’s not too hard to establish which activities they used to favour, and which ones they maybe fantasise about doing again.

“They’re not always complicated wishes, but obviously we have to do the appropriate planning to help make their dreams come true once we’ve found out what they are.”

Resident Molly Coyne had shared with Butterfly Lodge staff that she and her husband had ridden motorcycles throughout their marriage and used to go biking together for many miles on days out in their youth.

Sarah McCaffrey said: “Molly told us she used to own a BMW bike which was very similar to the bike ridden by Paul Hutt, our activities coordinator, so he brought his bike in and her wish was simply to sit astride it: she was absolutely delighted.”

For life-long Plymouth Argyle fans David Harris and John Walsh, a return to the team’s ground at Home Park was top of their wish list.

Sarah McCaffrey said: “Both gentlemen were season ticket holders all their lives and went to every match before their health deteriorated and family were unable to continue to take them.

“Health and mobility issues make it impossible for them to attend a full 90-minute match, but when the homecoming parade was announced last year, Kelly Tennant on our activities team contacted Argyle and arranged for them both to be able to go to Home Park and witness the parade.

“David’s daughter Tania and Kelly went with them, and the gents were so happy to be back at their old stamping ground. The experience clearly meant the world to them.”

Meanwhile for resident Audrey Cox, her dearest wish was to visit Marks and Spencer for a girly shopping trip.

Sarah McCaffrey said: “Two colleagues took Audrey to M&S and they all had a lovely time browsing the store.

“Audrey bought make-up, some new undies and other clothes, then they enjoyed a pub lunch together before returning home. She said it made her feel young again.”

The activities inspired by the ‘If only I could’ wish-list form part of a busy and varied programme of activities provided for residents of Butterfly Lodge. The home is run by specialist dementia care providers Camelot Care who also run homes in Bridgwater, Wellington and Yeovil. See www.camelotcare.co.uk