Residents at a Bridgwater dementia care home were on their feet and singing their hearts out last week when a professional touring theatre troupe came to perform a range of songs from the ‘40s through to the ‘70s with a ‘Music Through The Decades’ show.

The hits ranged from Glen Miller through to Abba, with every resident participating in their own way, assisted by props provided by the troupe as well as guided dance routines.

“Because musical appreciation is one of the abilities that people with dementia retain when other abilities fade, we knew as soon as we heard about it that this show would be a hit with our residents,” said Paula Howlett, manager of Camelot Care’s Avalon Nursing Home in Bridgwater.

“Music evokes emotions that bring back memories so it plays a regular part in the activities we organise for our residents, and this was a great example of how valuable it can be.”

Singer Melissa Rees from Bristol-based Daisy-Chain Productions not only delivered a well-chosen selection of timeless classics, but also took the time to chat and build relationships with Avalon’s residents.

Rosie Weaver, who works as a carer at Avalon, said: “It was an absolutely incredible performance and so amazing to see how happy the residents were – up and dancing around!

“The responses of the people we care for made us feel quite emotional, but the show really made everyone’s day.”
A special buffet supper was also arranged for the residents and their family members, many of whom joined in the fun by dancing and singing into the microphone.

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