“Where did you get that hat?”

It was all about the hats for residents at Chestnut Lodge in Yeovil on a visit from members of the town’s Women’s Institute and Mothers’ Union.

The groups brought along a selection of hats to their monthly meeting at the Hendford Hill care home, providing a popular talking point over a cup of tea and a natter.

Said Sue Oatley, who is a member of both groups: “The hats proved a real conversation starter, and we had great fun trying them on and seeing what they looked like.

“The residents seemed to enjoy them, and it got them talking and reminiscing.”

In addition to the hats, the group also brought along a selection of handmade blankets and twiddle muffs made by members.

Twiddle muffs are a knitted or crocheted muff – with objects such as buttons, ribbons, and other small items attached inside – to help promote relaxation and sensory engagement.

“They loved their blankets and promised when they weren’t on their knees that they’d have them on their beds,” added Sue.

“I’m delighted to say the twiddle muffs also went down a treat which was lovely to see. We’ve taken around 20 to the home altogether now. We try to help in our local area as much as we can.”

Chestnut Lodge is one of four specialist dementia care homes run by Camelot Care in Somerset and Devon. Further details at www.camelotcare.co.uk.