We think Katie Phillips, a healthcare assistant at Freshfields Nursing Home in Plymouth, is an absolute champion. Katie, aged 24, who has worked at Freshfields since 2012 decided it would be a good idea to personally raise some money for our residents’ fund, and selected a sponsored silence as her money-making strategy.

When she told colleagues and friends what she was planning, we thought she’d picked a huge challenge for herself, but Katie proceeded to amaze us all by raising £300 for her chosen cause.

Katie said: “It was quite a big thing for me because I’m a naturally chatty person, but I was determined to raise as much money as I could and I was really thrilled by all the support I got.

“I maintained my silence for a total of 12 hours which felt like a very long time, but I kept thinking about how much the residents would enjoy the activities the money will pay for and it kept me going.

“I’d like to say ‘thank you’ to everyone who supported me and I’m looking forward to being involved in the activities the money will enable us to run.”

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